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Friday Find: Rain Town

I’m a sucker for a good animated short.

“Rain Town,” a 10-minute anime created by Hiroyasu Ishida (who, if I’m not mistaken, is still an animation student) takes place in a town in which the rain never stops. The story shows what happens when one little girl ventures out into the rain and makes a friend…of the robotic kind.

There are no words spoken, but it’s still relatively easy to follow. Although, admittedly, I did have to watch it a second time before I understood everything that actually took place. Eh…sometimes I’m a little slow like that. But I didn’t mind — that gave me an excuse to watch it again. 😉

Overall, though, it’s somehow very endearing. Oh, and by the way, the art? Fantastic.

So give it a shot. It’s certainly worth the ten minutes.


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