Fury of the Phoenix — Released! (Or, ‘Amazon, here I come’)

You. Yes, you. Drop what you’re doing and head to Amazon.com to order Cindy Pon’s Fury of the Phoenix. And actually, while you’re there, you should probably order yourself a copy of Pon’s Silver Phoenix, too…that being the first book, after all, with Fury being the sequel.

The novels fall into the fantasy genre — my favorite — but, instead of the standard European setting found in most fantasy, these have an Asian backdrop. The change of setting, along with an intriguing plot and an endearing protagonist and love interest, made the first book a huge hit with me. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel ever since I finished the first, and it’s finally here.

Also, Cindy Pon is holding a contest on her blog to celebrate the release. You’ll need to read the book before you can take part in the contest; however, she’s also offering some pretty awesome swag to those who help spread the word about it. Make sure to check it out.

Aaaand…that about covers it, I think. Just for good measure, here’s the contest link again: http://cindypon.com/2011/fury-meets-mad-men/

Here’s a summary of Fury of the Phoenix taken from the author’s blog, too:

“When Ai Ling leaves her home and family to accompany Chen Yong on his quest to find his father, haunted by the ancient evil she thought she had banished to the underworld, she must use her growing supernatural powers to save Chen Yong from the curses that follow her. Part supernatural page-turner, part love story, and altogether stirring, Fury of the Phoenix further heralds the arrival of Cindy Pon as a stellar author of paranormal romance and fantasy.”



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4 responses to “Fury of the Phoenix — Released! (Or, ‘Amazon, here I come’)

  1. oooh sounds good!!!

    Fantasy with historical Asian setting: Under Heaven , by Gay Gavriel Kay. Amazing book!!!!!

  2. I’ve heard great things about Under Heaven too. I need to go and add that.

    And you’d best be ordering this off Amazon TODAY, sis. I haven’t started reading it yet, but that’s because I know I’ll have a hard time putting it down. I may end up reading it in one sitting; I read the last one in two 🙂

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