The Obligatory “Hello” Post

Writing a “hello” post seems a lot like talking to the wall.  Essentially, you’re talking to yourself, and the only way somebody else will really hear what you’re saying is if another human being just happens to walk past during your bout of rambling.  If you’re starting from scratch, your blog has no readers, and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will ever have readers.  And, even if you do eventually have people reading your blog, why would any of them ever think to go back and read your “hello” post?

Come to think of it, an entire blog can easily consist of nothing but one’s ramblings to oneself.  Blogs need to be interesting, or else, people won’t read them.  Bloggers need to be interesting, too, in order to come up with interesting things to write.  Bloggers also need to be relatively sociable within the blogging world — go around the blogging neighborhood, so to speak, introducing themselves through insightful comments and taking an interest in other people’s thoughts before they can dare hope someone might do likewise for them.

My previous blog had no readers.  (Well, actually, there was my sister…but still.)  It was uninteresting.  I was somewhat unsociable, and I rarely updated it.  My hope for this blog is that it will do much, much better, but I admit that I am somewhat skeptical about how things will turn out.

That said, I do have plans for this space, so I’m already off to a better start than before.  This blog will be mostly devoted to my life as a writer, so many of my posts will likely have something to do with writing.  But, because reading about someone’s battles against writer’s block is not always the most interesting thing in the world, I have a few other things planned as well.  With “Monday Monstrosities,” I’ll write about various story cliches and such that are absolutely abhorrent.  “Friday Finds” will be about anything I happen to stumble upon and find interesting in a given week, whether it be a good book, a funny YouTube video, an interesting song, or anything else.  In between the two, I’ll just write about writing.  Current works in progress, questions/random thoughts about writing, and the like.

And that’s that.  I promise to make this as interesting as I know how.  So please read.  Pretty please with a cherry on top?



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4 responses to “The Obligatory “Hello” Post

  1. Ok so you’re definitely better than me with the Monday and Friday regular posts. 🙂 I need to try and come up with something interesting like that.

    • Haha…that is, assuming I regularly update my Monday and Friday regular posts. 😛 It’ll be a challenge to make them interesting at first, but I’m sure I can work myself into it.

  2. Becky

    I’m reading!! 😀

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